My Quarantine

This is the story of my quarantine. Suddenly we had to do school online. People started wearing masks almost everywhere they went. I missed my friends and neighbors. Quarantine was good and sometimes bad. At the end of March, my parents decided that we were going to Austria because it was getting crazy in the U.S. with Covid. My sister Hemma and I were going to Austria in 3 days. So then we packed our suitcases and went to the airport, then we checked in and waited at the gate. Then we flew from NC to Chicago and then to Dublin and finally to Vienna Airport.

We got a taxi and rode to my aunt´s house in Vienna. My aunt was in Japan with her family So we could stay in her house until she came back. We all unpacked our suitcases. So our 14 days quarantine has started. Then we played a fun board game together. After that our dad cooked dinner. Then we all ate dinner. After dinner, we were so tired and go ready for bed. Then we went to bed and fell asleep.

In the morning I did an activity for school. Then we had a morning meeting with the class on Zoom. The teacher, Mrs. Berryhill, told us what we should do that day. We still had to learn how to use Seesaw properly. Online learning is harder than imagined.
That day we still did some fun things. We played a game, which was pretty fun. Hemma and I did a fun activity for school. We watched a movie called Ratatouille with our mom. Then we ate dinner and we all went to bed. The next morning we had another meeting on Zoom with our class. We played four corners. After the morning meeting, we ate breakfast. We could only go outside on my aunts‘ little porch. That day was great.

Online learning was very hard. I could not meet my friends in Person, I especially missed Maddie. Seasaw was sometimes a little confused, I felt overwhelmed and tired.
Another challenge was that we could not go shopping. Luckily our restaurants brought us food. They put boxes with food in front of the house. We could not go outside and hug them.

We could only move to them from the balcony. I felt sad. This is how I felt during quarantine. I felt a little strange in quarantine. My quarantine was sometimes fun and sometimes boring. It was also hard with online learning. This was the story of my quarantine!

The End