My Homeschooling Experience

This is the story of how homeschooling was for me. At the end of March, our teacher sent some work home with us because we didn´t come back to school next week. At home, I was very excited because I thought it would be fun. But it was not that fun, it was hard. That is how it continued with learning at home. 

We continued with Seesaw Zoom meetings and other work at home. Usually, I got distracted because our neighbors rang the doorbell. My sister and I didn´t have time when Joah and Jaden wanted to play with us. They were in a lower grade, so they didn´t have as much work as we had. As the days passed by with homeschooling it always became.
One afternoon mom and dad told us something surprising. They said that we are going to fly to Austria in three days because of the Coronavirus. So three days passed and we packed everything that we would need and a taxi drove us to the airport. We waited for the flight to Chicago then to Dublin and then to Vienna. So we flew to Vienna and even on the airplane we did some schoolwork. 

As we arrived in Vienna a taxi picked us up and brought us to Marianne´s house. Marianne is my aunt. At this time Marianne´s family was in Japan for half a year. When we arrived Theresa and I decided who will sleep in which room, either Simon´s or Jakob´s. We finally decided and I ended up sleeping in Simon´s room. Twice a day we had Zoom meetings with our class. One meeting was at 10:30 Eastern US time and one at 3:00 pm. We were in Austria, but we continued staying in the Eastern US time zone because of school. So I could sleep in every morning! I liked Zoom meetings because I could see my friends and teachers.

There were a few problems, but my main problem was that I missed some people. I missed my teacher, my friends, my neighbors, and my grandparents. I couldn´t see my grandparents because of Covid 19. I facetimed my grandparents and I talked on the phone with my BFF Maddie. I still prefer seeing them live. One day we went shopping. I had to wear a mask for the first time. I didn´t like the feeling of wearing a mask, but I got used to it after a while. That was an exciting day for me. We stayed in the house until Marianne’s family came back from Japan. That was the story of my Homeschooling!