Have you ever imagined life behind a mask? I had to live behind a mask for seven months. It all started on March 15th, 2020. We were sent home from school and out came the masks.

It went on like this for a long time. We did not know when it would end.
We got our learning materials from our teacher Ms. Zent. There were a lot of activities. I was doing them all with my moms‘ help. My mom did not like being a teacher for me and working at the same time. We had meetings to answer our questions.

Four days in lockdown was something exciting happening. It was my birthday! It was not fun living behind a mask and celebrating our birthdays this way. But it did not make sense to celebrate online. So I waited to celebrate my birthday in June!

After two months at home, the school was open again. Only this time it would be hybrid. There were two groups. One A and one B. I was in the A group. But I was happy to be in school. It didn´t matter, I was still happy to be in school.

Soon was summer break. I could at least see my friends again. It was pretty cool to have a break after that crazy year. And on went on the summer break. We finally got to have my birthday party on a weekend in June. It was worth the wait. And now it´s September, we were back to school and still living behind a mask… I wonder how it will go on.