My life in Quarantine

On March 14 we went into lockdown. Everyone could not go to a school including me. We had to do homeschooling. We thought shops might close so everyone bought as much as possible, for example, toilet paper. We also thought the lockdown would last 3 weeks, but we didn´t imagine it would be 8 weeks. One day I went with my mom shopping. And there was something weird happening. And the weird thing was that my mom was wearing a mask. And she was keeping her distance. And that was very new to me.

For a while, I did not talk to my teacher. But I did do homeschooling since March 14 for a while. Another thing is that I did not do was homeschooling for the whole school year. For some times of the school year, I did go to school.

Later we started using google meet. We also did chat with each other and my teacher on Google hang out. I used Google hangout for the rest of the school year. And from then on I was chatting with my friend again. Only this time through a computer. Then a few weeks later we could go to school only now it would be Hybrid. But with two groups. A and B.

And that meant that half of the class was at home and half at school. It was the safest thing to do. This is what I will remember about the Covid.