How Quarantine was

This is the story of how quarantine was for me. Quarantine was weird. I couldn´t go anywhere, I couldn´t go visit my Granny and Grandpa. When I had school at home I would finish the work that we had early and my phone was next to me I would take it and play games. When it was break time I would get distracted and miss some minutes of class. This is how it was at quite the same time.

So quarantine was boring for me. The reason why it was boring is that there was nothing to do. All there was to do is eating, cooking, watching TV, and sleeping. I could go outside but that was also boring because I couldn´t touch anything. Quarantine was very boring for me. Sometimes quarantine was fun. The reason why sometimes it was fun is that we eat in class because it was online. There were many more things we could do. So quarantine was sometimes fun.

So quarantine was new to me at the start. It was weird because I usually go with my dad to the shops. And at the start I could not go because at the start I didn´t have a mask. But now I can go because now I have a mask. Quarantine was very, very new to me.
Quarantine is still a bit weird. But my mom still won’t let me go to the shops. She is afraid I´ll get sick. I hope quarantine never comes back.