Covid-19: The Story

Have you ever imagined life behind a mask? Well, I do and it was not fun. It all started on March 14th when our school had a suspicion of Corona. I wasn´t sleeping anymore because I was wondering why my mom did not wake me up for a school day. Finally, she woke me up and shared some bad news. Mom said that our school was closed because of the Corona crisis.

I did not know about this because I thought that the virus will not come to our school. Mom and I went down to eat breakfast and sat down. Then…. RING, RING!!! . It was mom´s phone that rang. Chiara´s mom asked if the school was closed. There was no bus at the bus stop and she asked if she could leave Chiara at our house. We said: “ Yes”. Now I could finish eating my breakfast. Then after I washed my teeth Chiara and Arianna arrived. A whole day with them YAY! At first, we did not know what to do, so mom suggested we could build Legos or Playmobils. I asked Chiara and Arianna what they wanted to play and they said that they wanted to play Playmobil. So my mom got my Playmobil pool, the mountain gondola, and my hotel. The hotel was not easy to build because I had to build the whole walls and Chiara and Arianna made the furniture. In total it took us 30 minutes to build the hotel. We played a while then my dad came and said “Do you want to go outside and play?” Obviously, we said “Yes”! And we put on our jackets and snow pants. Outside I said, “Let´s build a snow fort and show it to mom”. Chiara and Arianna agreed with me.
First, we did not know how to start but then Chiara came up with the wonderful idea to make giant snowballs in a square, and then we went to the cars and searched for icicles under them. In the end, we had 20 icicles. After we put the icicles on our snow fort Arianna made snowballs. I made the craters to throw the snowballs and Chiara made the catapult. Finally, we finished and we were ready to play. Then after we played Chiara and Arianna had to go and I put away the Playmobil. This is how the day of suspicion went for me, Arianna and Chiara.