Corona Quarantine

This is how Quarantine was for me. It all started on March 14th when we went home. Our teacher already showed us an app and said why we need to go home. It was because of the Corona Virus. We thought it was fun for a short time but it wasn´t. I was excited to be at home for school.

It was hard for me to concentrate. I was not really on task. My older brother was distracting me while he was in a meeting. My parents were also at home. After a few months with home-schooling, our teacher split us into two groups. So group 1 came the first day and group 2 came the second day. As my mom showed me the list I saw that I was in group 1 and my best friend Hanna was in group 2. I was very disappointed but I was happy that we could go to school. On the last day of school, both groups were there. We went to the park and ate some ice cream. I was happy.

At home, I was spending my time outside with my neighbors. We kept our distance and were not allowed to play inside together. My mom bought a trampoline. We waited almost a whole month for it to arrive. After my dad had finished building it we had fun jumping on it. That was how quarantine was for me.