Scary Covid Time

This is what happened to me during the scary Covid time…. On March 14th we were sent home from school because of Corona. We started to work from home. During this time was my birthday. I thought it would be one of the worst birthdays in my life. Last year we celebrated my birthday in the garden. We played hide and seek and tag.
Almost my whole family came, and also the Taufpate came. I was excited because last year we also planed a big party with my friends. I was looking forward to celebrating my birthday again on the 24th of May. But because of Covid, we had to make a change to our plans. 

Grandma and Grandpa were allowed to come and we had to be 1m away because of Covid. But the presents were cool! My birthday was a sunny day, so we celebrated in the garden. My aunt and my cousin gave me presents too. I liked the presents and didn´t care that it was a Google school day. It was a cool day! I got a Lego train and Lego tracks. Then the bad weather came and the rain started. The kids went inside and the parents were getting everything and running inside.

I even thought it was Covid. I had a good feeling about my birthday. I enjoyed the presents and the time with my family. I hope Covid will go away fast, so everybody can be together again without masks.