Did you expect any masks?

Luckily, I was used to masks because in Japan, if you are a little bit sick, wear a mask for kindness and respect. I lived in Japan my whole life until I was 8. Then before Covid, I remember telling my mom I was a little sick. So I wanted to wear a mask to school. But my mom said no because they would freak out and it is not typical in Austria. Now everyone has to wear a mask because Covid -19 is dangerous. I felt bad and annoyed because you are breathing in plastic when you breathe through the mask. Then there was lockdown. People couldn´t go in and out of Austria and no one could go to school.

I was sad that I couldn´t see my friends, I missed my school, I missed play-dates. I was at home weird I couldn´t have any fun. I had to learn. The learning was very disorganized which I didn´t like at all. Learning should go step by step, I felt very disorganized and bored. It was boring because I couldn´t see my friends, I couldn´t play with them, it was very stressful.

We kept our distance, we kept our masks on. Things got a little better in Austria. Parents could go to work again and we could go back to school not full-time, but there were two groups, A and B, sharing times in school.

I was worried during Covid-19 because I was scared my friends and family would catch Covid-19. Being back at school full-time is fun and not stressful. I think Covid-a9 will go away soon in Austria and everyone will be able to go play together again.