The virus came

It all happened on March 14 … School stopped, the masks came. You think this is it all? This isn’t the nightmare I’m having now … You know … that was the beginning of everything. Of everything, I’m saying …

First, no school… I thought only for a couple of weeks…. But it seemed to last forever…. All the news were about the virus…. Covid-19.

Everyone was talking about Covid… But sometimes I heard winding, loud sirens. But that was a long, long time ago … We left China, went to Europe … The apartment was sparkily clean, but that didn’t mean my head was empty … It was just roaring with thoughts … When are we leaving? When do we take off? How many hours will we be on the plane? But the biggest thing of all… Did I have to wear a mask on the plane? I was scared… I bet you would have been too.

But what I was most worried about was our cats…. yes, we have cats. They are the following: two tortishells, a grey tabby, and a ginger tom… All domestic shorthaired cats. They were going to a cat’s „home“ for a while. But we couldn’t take them because it cost too much money! So we had to take them later. Another thing that bothered me was that I was so bored! No school, just division sheets! I did not even know division well! Then it happened… We had arrived at the airport. I felt queasy, and this was a long, LONG flight, and I even had four more hours in a van! … the hot, exhausting van… three rides…. in one day, but the second ride… that was the worst, it felt like I couldn’t distract myself, I tried to look… no … sleep … no … I tried to look around so I would get tired …. but no … I was crying … I looked outside and felt a little more relaxed, after this stress I needed sleep, so I slept for a long time, exhaled relaxed, and closed my eyes … finally I fell asleep. I didn’t have any dreams … I just slept: peacefully.

It was a long ride… I was so worried I felt horrible and sad for our cats. I knew Covid was raging, just beyond reach… but that´s not all of the worse actions … of Covid-19…