My Covid-19 Memory

Have you ever imagined life behind a mask? Well, guess what happened to me on March 14th, 2020. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that we need to stay at home for a long time. I was so freaked out!!! Quarantine felt good sometimes but also sad. I thought we could still go to school. But we couldn´t. I didn’t understand it. So on Monday, my Mom told me I couldn’t go. And it was really weird. At first, it felt really weird and unique because my parents had to help me very often. But I got used to it. I got better at doing homeschooling. I got the hang of it!!! Every day I felt more and more depressed. I was sad. I was a lot happy and a lot sad. I also felt happy sometimes. I don’t how could I have felt happy and sad at the same time. Here are some examples: I could play when I was done. And I could eat while learning. But the bad thing is that I couldn’t see my friends in real life. I hope you understand how I felt. If not then you should read this again.