School stopped and a virus came!

This is what happened during the scary Covid time: school stopped and a virus came! The next day was my first online lesson. I was not allowed to go outside. Online lessons were hard but sometimes a little fun. My friends were not allowed to come to my house. Covid was horrible. There needed to be one meter between every single person. My dad can’t visit me and when my grandparents call they mostly talk about the virus.

I was not very disappointed because I did not need to pack my bags. Sometimes the rules of Covid-19 were crazy! If you want to walk your dog you needed to ask the government. I missed school and wished I went to school at all. One of the good things was I could stay home!! In online lessons, I could eat. After each lesson, I could watch a movie or play. I have a dog and she is very happy that I could stay with her at home!! Also, I can call my friends on my computer. Sometimes Covid was very, very, very boring!!

I had more time with my mom and drawing!! My class used a program called Zoom. Zoom was very fun, you can change backgrounds. Another thing about Zoom is that there is a special button to press when you raise your hand.  So your hand wasn’t tired of raising your hand.

Some weeks passed by and my mom and I thought that school will open soon!! My mom and I were right. My mom got an email that I can go to school. The next day I was up early. When I got to school the only thing that changed is that we needed to wear masks in the hallway. That’s how I will remember Covid.