My Corona Sleepover

Have you ever imagined life behind a mask?

My birthday was in the middle of the stupid quarantine. The school in Arnsdorf says: “STOP! NOW HOMESCHOOLING!” Nobody moved, everybody was so scared because nobody knew what homeschooling is. We stayed at home and it was a bit funny and a bit boring.

Then my birthday came. Because of Corona, I couldn’t have a party. But one day later my mom said: “ It’s allowed to have a party with one friend!” My mom went to the supermarket with a mask and bought a chocolate cake. I took my phone and called my best friend to invite her to my party. My best friend said that she could come. I was very happy that I could see my best friend again. When my mom came back I had to go to my room because I shouldn’t see the cake. It was the 27/8/20, one day before my birthday. Finally, it was my birthday sleepover.

It was planned that my best best friend stays at my house from 28/8 to 29/8/2020. And my mom said: “ Yes, Laura can stay!” My idea was to sleep outside. Yesterday we bought a tent. We found a good place in my garden and slept there. But when we woke up, it was 00:19! We talked and talked and we forgot that it was night.

My mom came and when she opened the door of the tent… we just pretended that we were sleeping. On the next day, there was a big party at home! I hope Corona goes away soon! So I can have a bigger sleepover on my next birthday.